Cuff / Bracelet Sizing...

If you are ordering a cuff or bracelet, the best way to get a close size match is to wrap something around the wrist, comfortably, and measure the length.  

XS/S - measures about 5.25" with a one inch gap.

S/M - measures about 5.5" with a one inch gap.

M/L - measures about 5.75" with a one inch gap.

XL - measures about 6" with a one inch gap.


Ring Sizing...

Each ring will have the size listed with it.  We include + or - with the number if the size is in-between sizes.  For instance if the ring is a in-between a size 6 and 6.25 but closer to a solid 6 we will call it 6+.  

Please know your ring size upon placing an order.  

Thank you!