Jewelry Care

All my jewelry is handmade with dedication to quality.  I use  .925 sterling silver occasionally brass and recycled copper from reputable, well known jewelry supply companies.  I make each of my pieces to last a lifetime, but care should be taken to prevent damage and tarnish on your jewelry. 

To maintain the quality and longevity of your jewelry, avoid wearing it during bathing, swimming, or other tasks that could damage the stone or the silver. Pieces should be stored in individual, airtight bags to prevent oxidation if you are someone who doesn't likes the 'worn' look.  Otherwise keeping a polishing cloth with your jewelry is a great way to keep it looking beautiful and shiny.  

To clean your jewelry, clean with mild, soapy water and polish with a soft jewelry polishing cloth (available at most jewelry counters or online through retailers such as Amazon). Do not submerge in cleaning chemicals, as they can be damaging to the stones and weaken the silver.  

If the piece has a patina on it, using phishing compounds can take that right off and change the look of your initial piece.  


All orders are shipped through USPS First Class or Priority. If you have specific shipping requests, please contact Vessel Arts.  


Returns are accepted on a case-by-case basis. If you feel you need to return a piece for some reason, please contact Vessel Arts. I do not accept returns on damaged pieces. Return shipping is the buyers' responsibility.


If, for some reason, your piece needs a repair within 90 days of purchase because of a defect on my behalf I will repair it free of charge, however if there is damage from normal wear and tear or some accidental cause, given it can be repaired, we will repair at a rate of $60/hr.  


I do not offer layaway on ready-to-ship or made-to-order pieces. The only situation in which I allow partial payment is on custom orders, where a client pays a deposit and then completes payment once the piece is finished. 


A little reminder... 

All of our jewelry is made by hand, each piece hand cut, hand shaped and imagined by us.  There are no two pieces the same because that would be impossible using our techniques however we will always try to make our made-to-order pieces in line with the photos we use to represent them.  

Please keep in mind that we do our very best to take quality photos however sometimes colors and sizes will look a tiny bit off from what they actually are, but we will do our best to mention this when we notice.